What Is CSEPP Video

The Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) was established to enhance the emergency preparedness in communities surrounding the chemical stockpiles until they are eliminated.

The Bluegrass Army Depot (BGAD), which is located in Richmond, Kentucky, is one of eight locations in the United States where chemical weapons are stored.  The United States Congress has ordered the demilitarization of these weapons in the safest way possible.

Because safety is the top priority, Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program has worked with eight stockpile communities to upgrade their emergency response capabilities.  Today these communities are better prepared for a variety of emergencies.  CSEPP has helped each community strengthen its ability to respond to emergencies through improved facilities, equipment, planning, training, and exercises.

The eastern border of Garrard County is designated as a Protective Action Zone (PAZ).  The majority of the role that Garrard County would play in the event there was an accident at the Bluegrass Army Depot would be evacuee support.  Garrard County is projected to receive evacuees from parts of western Madison County.

We will act as host to these citizens.  We are fully trained to receive evacuees from Madison County.  We will offer services such as decontamination if necessary and specialized medical care in the event that someone has been exposed.  For the ones who have just evacuated and have not been exposed, we will provide temporary shelter for evacuees until they can return home or they may relocate.


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