The schools will protect your children by evacuating or shelter them. Don’t go to your child’s school unless told to do so by emergency or school officials. Listen to an EAS station to hear where and when to pick up your children. Your kids will be safe. Schools are ready to do their part in protecting your kids. Be ready to do yours. Protect yourself as advised by local officials, and please stay away from the schools. Because your kids’ safety comes first.

What’s your part in keeping your kids safe?

The hardest part – DO NOT try to pick up your children at school. If there is a chemical accident/incident at the depot, Garrard County School buses will not operate within the PAZ. Children that live in the PAZ will evacuate to the Garrard County High School.

Emergencies can be scary subjects for children. Students also feel safer if they understand that you, their parent, know what to do in a chemical stockpile emergency and the school has plans to protect them as well. Become familiar with the school’s plan so that you can discuss it with your children and family.

If you have ANY questions about CSEPP or the emergency plan, please contact the Garrard County CSEPP/EMA Office at (859) 792-4786, you may ask for David East, Deputy Director/PIO or Jay Overman, Director. Also, more information about CSEPP is now available on-line at Kentucky CSEPP or  Garrard County Emergency Management.

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