“Disaster and Emergency Animal Shelter”


The Garrard Counanimalshelterty Animal Control office now has a disaster and emergency shelter animal trailer unit.  The Garrard County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) through the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) purchased the trailer earlier this year. The self-contained trailer has the capibilties to hold a little over a dozen animals comfortably. The cages in the trailer have drains so pets and cages can be cleaned easily. It also has its on AC/Heater unit.

 Studies show that 63% of citizens would not evacuate their homes and relocate to a shelter if their pets were not allowed. The animal shelter trailer alleviates this problem in Garrard County. If a disaster occurs and Emergency Management has established a shelter, the animal control office will deploy the trailer and handle the sheltering of pets at the established shelter. On a day-to-day basis the trailer can be used to promote adoptions of pets from animal control. This ensures that the equipment is always in working order and is being used used often.


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