“FEMA Launches Spanish-Language App”

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FEMA launched a free Spanish-language app with information on what individuals can do before, during and after a disaster to keep families and communities safer. The app offers a wide array of information for the public and disaster survivors, preparedness tips, locations of nearby shelters, what to include in an emergency supply kit and a user friendly interface for survivors who may need assistance from FEMA after a disaster. Some key features of the app include:• Safety tips: This feature helps users prepare for flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes and other major disasters by providing tips on how to be aware of an impending disaster and how what steps to take during and after a major event.

• Emergency Meeting Locations: This tool offers the capability to set an emergency meeting location for you and your family with the option of having a primary, secondary and out of state location.

• Apply for Assistance: The FEMA Spanish app will help users locate a disaster recovery center after an individual assistance declaration has been issued and will provide detailed information about how to offer volunteer services and donations.

The app offers pre-loaded content ensuring that FEMA guidance is available anytime, anywhere – even if no Internet connection is available. The app is free and available for iPhones and Android devices in iTunes and the Google Play Store.


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