“Firm for Environmental Assessment for new EOC selected”


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGarrard County EMA/CSEPP is pleased to announce that a local business Copperhead Environmental Consulting has been selected by the Fiscal Court to perform the required Environmental Assessment for the new Garrard County Operations Center (EOC).

The Environmental Assessment being conducted for the Garrard County Emergency Operation Center by Copperhead Environmental Consulting, Inc. is required under a Federal law known as the National Environmental Policy Act of 1970 or NEPA.  The law requires that federal or federally funded projects engage in a decision making process designed to select the most acceptable project design when weighed against its environmental, economic and social impacts.   NEPA first requires that the purpose and need of a project be clearly stated.  Then a list of alternative designs that satisfy the project’s purpose and need is developed.  After assessing the negative and beneficial impacts of these alternatives, a “preferred project” design is selected.    To ensure the preferred project design is in compliance with federal laws, such as the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act, the NEPA process is conducted in consultation with regulatory agencies.  In addition, consultations are made with local interest groups and stakeholders.  Ultimately, the assessments, consultations and discoveries are embodied in a draft document and presented for public review.  In this case, the draft Environmental Assessment will most likely be available for public comment in April or May 2014.

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