“One person rescued after 60 feet fall”


safe_imageBY: Michael J. Mullins EMT-B/PIO with Garrard County EMS
On, Sunday evening April 21, 2013. At approximately 4:30 PM,
Garrard County Emergency Medical Services along with Garrard County
Sheriff’s Office and the Camp Dick Fire & Rescue were dispatched to the
Tom Dorman Nature Preserve located just off of Rogers Road, For a report
of two men who had veered off of a hiking trail, slipped and fell over an
approximately 60 feet cliff. Once crews gained access to the men, It was
then determined that one male had sustained serious injuries and the other
was able to walk away from the scene and call 911. EMS crews were able
to stabilize the victim until rescue crews were able to determine a way out.
Due to the rugged terrain, EMS and rescue crews were able to get the
victim to the bank of the KY River. The Jessamine County Fire Protection
District was called in to assist due to the boat ramp at Camp Nelson being
inaccessible from mud buildup. Approximately 2 hours after the victim was
located, Jessamine County Fire Protection District transported the victim
from the river bank to an awaiting ambulance at the Camp Nelson boat
ramp. The Victim was then transported to University of Kentucky Medical
Center by Garrard County Emergency Medical Services.

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