“Prepare for Winter Weather”

As winter weather will be returning. Snow and ice can present some dangerous situations. As we all know from past

years experience ice can cause the loss of electricity sometimes for many days.

 Keep some extra snack bars, peanut butter crackers around. Throw a blanket or two in the car to keep you warm should you become stranded. Keep your fuel tank at least half full. If stranded, run your engine ever so often to keep warm, but use caution: keep the exhaust pipe clear to allow the engine exhaust away from the car. Crack windows a little when running the engine to allow fresh air in.

Do not use a grill or camping stove indoors or in the garage to cook or heat food. Do not run a generator indoors or in a garage, you can become overcome with carbon monoxide this way also.

Use caution if hooking a generator up to your house electrical system. Seek advice from an electrician or have one connect it for you. Don’t’ forget to check the engine oil often. Stop the engine and let it cool for a few minutes before refueling.

Be sure and check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

For more information on preparing your family for disaster please check out our tips here on our website, or if you have further questions please contact us at 859-792-4786 or email garrardpio@gmail.com.

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