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On January 15, 2019 a post was made on the Garrard County Search and Rescue Team’s Facebook page that implied the group had been disbanded by Judge Wilson. This is in no way true. The team continues to operate under the authority granted to it by the county and stands ready to respond to an emergency.

The author of the post was likely referencing the decision by Judge Wilson to move in a different direction in regard to releasing former EMA Director Wendell Hatfield from his position. Mr. Hatfield also serves on the board of directors for the Garrard County Search and Rescue Team.

The search and rescue team was recently formed in order to bring together the volunteers and resources of the county’s several fire departments along with other volunteers including EMS, law enforcement, and citizens of the county. There has been much effort to create this group while respecting the jurisdictions and responsibilities of the local fire departments while complying with state laws. While fire departments have and continue to perform search and rescue operations this new team was intended to make sure the county is compliant with state rules and regulations for search and rescue teams.

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Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Celebrates Milestone

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