The First Step

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Today is the day. You have seen disasters on the news. You have seen the pictures and the stories on Facebook. You may even have a relative or friend affected by a hurricane, tornado, flood or wildfire. You thought to yourself, “I hope that never happens to me but if it does I can handle it.” But are you really prepared? Is your family? Take the first and easiest step today.

Starting your family emergency plan is simple. Just write basic things you, your spouse, your children or an emergency worker may need to know like important phone numbers, names, and addresses. We’ve made it easy for you and created an online form for those of you like me with terrible handwriting. Just type the information and print it out. This will help you take a step back and look at your overall preparedness.

Step one to protecting yourself and your family done. Easy.

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“Are you Ready for Heavy Rain”

During periods of heavy rainfall, remember to stay out of floodwaters. If you’re driving, remember to use your lights and wipers. Slow down! If you come across a water-covered roadway, Turn Around-Don’t Drown. It only takes six inches of water to float some cars and fast-moving water can wash vehicles …

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Local Emergency Management Director Training

Kentucky Emergency Management held training for newly appointed and experienced local emergency management professionals in Frankfort in April. In attendance was newly appointed Garrard County Emergency Management Director Tim Scott and CSEPP Director Jay Overman. The course was to give local professionals a basic understanding of and updates on Emergency …

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Blue Alerts Notify the Public When Police Are Injured or Killed

The Blue Alerts are delivered through FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System to notify the public of imminent danger. It’s already played a role in the capture of one cop killer. When Newman, Calif., police officer, Ronil Singh, was murdered in December 2018, a Blue Alert was issued to …