Wildland Fires, Dry Conditions Create Hazards for Deer Hunters

Plans and Tips

More than 300,000 Kentucky hunters preparing for this years deer season should be aware there are at least 22 wildland fires burning, many in southeast Kentucky, as drought conditions persist across the state. About 14,000 acres have burned in the Commonwealth since Oct. 29. Hunters also need to check the counties they will be hunting to see if their have been Fire Bans put in place.lp_deerhuntingclothing

Hunters can help by using camp stoves and lanterns instead of building campfires and by being diligent in extinguishing any cigarettes,” said Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Commissioner Greg Johnson. “We also need to be mindful of hot exhausts on our trucks, cars and ATVs. Hot exhausts easily can start fires given the exceptionally dry conditions that exist now nearly everywhere.”

Conservation officers from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife will be on heightened alert as well. “We will be watching for careless or willful misuse of fire, and any other practices that could easily lead to a wildfire,” Johnson said.

Hunters should keep plenty of water on hand while afield, and take extra caution in and around areas that have recently burned. Fire-weakened trees and limbs can fall without warning. Hunters should be vigilant to the location of active fires as well, since changing wind conditions can cause fires to shift and trap people. Hunters, hikers and other outdoors enthusiasts also should stay clear of the hundreds of firefighters who will be working through the weekend battling wildfires. These personnel will be wearing yellow clothing.


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